Gosport to Poole – 14th June 2015

Well after a bit of a break to help with Jen and Dan’s wedding – a fantastic day – the journey continues.  But first a note of thanks to Jules of Sheldon Marine in Gosport, who took the trouble to repair, rather than replace, at very modest cost, the faulty jammer for the kicking strap.

We (Chime and me!) left early to catch the west-going tide along the Solent and through the Hurst narrows.  Heading out of Gosport, we were passed by an inbound ferry and a German warship, but apart from a massive container ship leaving Southampton later on, and which passed behind us, there was not much commercial shipping, although quite a few yachts were around.  The weather initially was grey and murky, with a breeze heading us and a bit of a chop.  But after Southampton, the breeze dropped and it started brightening up.

Yarmouth, IOW
Yarmouth, IOW

By the time we reached Hurst Point it was flat calm.  We went up the North Channel, and here the wind sprung up again – genoa out, and I thought that when we rounded the North Head buoy we would be able to reach across to Poole.  However the wind died again and it wasn’t until some way across the bay that we had some wind again and I was able to turn the engine off for half an hour.

Hurst Point
Hurst Point
The Needles
The Needles

Entry into Poole Harbour was straightforward, and by mid afternoon I was berthed in Poole Quay Boat Haven.  Right by the old town, and good facilities, but a bit expensive.

Fliss drove down to pick me up, and we had dinner sitting in the cockpit.  There was some drama, however, when Fliss dropped my car keys – together with my house and office keys – in the harbour when she was getting off the boat to fetch some things from the car.  I stayed very calm I thought!  The yacht next door looked well equipped, so I suggested Fliss ask them if they had a magnet.  They did!  And after a few minutes bobbing with the magnet Fliss came up with the keys!  She wants to buy a magnet of our own, which sounds a bit ominous.

The entrance to Poole Harbour - Sandbanks on the right!
The entrance to Poole Harbour – Sandbanks on the right!

The car key wouldn’t start the car, so I opened up the fob and we put it on top of the oven to dry out.  I was looking forward to an extra night aboard, but sadly when we tried it later, the car started.

'Tenacious' in Poole
‘Tenacious’ in Poole
Gosport to Poole – 14th June 2015

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