About us

Chime of Deben is a Barbican 33 yacht, based on a Maurice Griffiths hull design, and built by Barbican Yachts of Plymouth.  She was largely fitted out by her first owner, Mike Bell, and a fantastic job he made of it too.  Sloop rigged, and with a Yanmar 30hp engine, and wheel steering.  The Barbicans were originally offered with either twin bilge keels or a long keel with lifting centre plate.  Chime has a long keel, and like some others of the later production, does not have the plate, which was found to be potentially troublesome.  This probably reduces its windward performance, but to compensate for less maneourability, Chime has a bowthruster.

I’m Steve Ball, approaching 60, and a relatively recent sailing enthusiast – well at least my enthusiasm has only found expression in reality in the past 10 years or so.  I previously owned a Cobra 850 bilge keel yacht, Zig Zag, and our cruising reached its zenith in 2014 with a trip to the Scillies.

Chime will be moored in Sutton Harbour, Plymouth.


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